Taing Laing Waterfall

Taing Laing Waterfall, Mondulkiri is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. The waterfall is located near the main town center and is easily accessible from different parts of the province. The scenic beauty of the Taing Laing Waterfall, Mondulkiri makes it one of the popular tourist attractions in Mondulkiri.

The Taing Laing Waterfall in Mondulkiri is located around 60 kms from the town center of Senmonorom. It is surrounded in the midst of a beautiful forest and is full of scenic beauty. The route to the waterfall is full of idyllic tracks and small cliffs. There is also a small pool underneath the waterfall where travelers can swim.

Taing Laing Waterfall is also a popular point of excursions. The scenic beauty of the place and the idyllic weather makes the place ideal for picnics and recreation. Trekking tours are also undertaken to Taing Laing Waterfall, Mondulkiri by nature and adventure lovers. Travelers can also camp near the waterfall.There are plenty of travel agencies which organize tours to Taing Laing Waterfall, Mondulkiri. The tours are mostly single day trips. Travelers can also hire shuttle cars and taxis which ply between the waterfall and the town center.

-Taxi transfer from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri is 199 USD by SUV car 1-4 seats with safety driver. for more information feel free to contact us by Email or call.