Phnom Tamao wildlife +Tonle Bati Ta Prohm Temple

Today you will pick up from hotel and touring to visit Tamao wildlife Rescue Centre about 40 kilometers south of Phnom penh, in that area there are many wildlife animal such as Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Bears,  Pythons,  Monkeys, Crocrodiles, wild bigs, wild cows,  Deers, Birds, Etc. Break for lunch at local Restaurant in that area. Afternoon you will continue to see Tonle Bati and Taprohm Temple ( This temple adapted from Bayon style,was built during the late 12th and early 13th centuries, during the Reign of king Jayavarman VII AD 1181-1220 as a place of worship for Brahmans and Buddhists.

. What can you expect to see ?
. wildlife Rescue Centre, Entrance fee is 5 USD each
. Tonle Bati and Ta Prohm Temple, Entrance fee is 1 USD each
. We offered you Lexus SUV including insurance passengers vihicle with professional and

speaking English driver
. Touring price is 70 USD for around trip
. Hghlight

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre
This wonderful wildlife sanctuary for rescued animals is home to gibbons, sun bears, Elephants, Tigers, Lions, Deer and a  massive bird enclosure. They were all taken from poachers or abusive owners and receive care and sheiter here as part of a sustainable breeding program. Wherever possible animals are released back into the wild once they have recovered, the centre operates breeding programs for a number of  globally threatened species. The sanctuary occupies a vast site south of the capital and its animals are kept in excellent conditions by southeast Asian standards, with plenty of room to roam in enclosures that have been improved  and expanded over the years with help from international wildlife NGOs. Spread out as it is , it feels like a zoo crossed with a safari park. The centre is home to the world’s largest captive collections of pileated gibbons and Malayan sun bears, as well as other rarities such as Siamese crocrodiles and greeter adjutant storks. Other popular enclosures include huge areas for the large tiger population, and there are elephants that sometime take part in activities such as painting . You ‘ll also find a walk-through area with macaques and deer, and a huge aviary . Cambodia’s wildlife is usually very difficalt to spot, as larger mamals inhabit remote areas of the country . Phnom Tamao is the perfect place to discover more about the incredible variety  of animals in Cambodia. If you don’t like zoos , you might not like this wildlife sanctuary , but remember that these animals have been rescued  from traffickers and poachers and need a home. Visitors that come here will be doing  their own small bit to help in protection and survival of Cambodia’s varied and wonderful wildlife. Phnom Tamao is located in Tropiang Sap village Tropiang Sap commune, Bati district about 40 kilometers South of Phnom Penh, off National Road 2. Turn right at the sign and travel another 5 kilometers down a dirt trail . The site features mountains , the biggest National zoo and ancient temples. There are five mountains at this site , Phnom Takmao , Phnom Thma Dos , Phnom Pdaov pun , Phnom Chhoy and Phnom Bang. The entire site covers 2,500 hectares, most of it is the protected forest area. The ministry of Agriculture of Department of forestry has taken over 1,200 hectares for planting trees and the zoo. Phnom Takmao National zoo covers 70 hectares and is under the supervision of the department. It features 84 varieties of birds , quadrupeds and reptiles. The animals, which include alligators, Elephants, Lions, tigers and bears , were collected by the ministry of Agriculture. Some were recovered from people illegally trafficking wildlife in Cambodia. Please send us your itineraries, if you would like to travel to  visit this places i will do quote for you with the best price and excellent services.

Tonle Bati and Ta Prohm Temple
Tonle Bati is located in Thnal Teaksin village, Krang Thnoung Commune, Bati district, about 35 km from Phnom penh. Tonle Bati is a place of worship and features two ancient temples, Ta Prohm and Yeay Pov, and a pagoda, Wat Tonle Bati,which was built in 1576.
Ta Prohm Temple
This temple, adapted from Bayon style, it was built during the late 12th and early 13th centuries,during the Reign of King Jayavarman VII ( AD 1181-1220 ) as a place of worship for Brahmans and Buddhists. The temple is 42 meters long, 36 meters wide and 11 meters high.