Koh Pos

Koh Pos is an island about 1 kilometer from Lomhe Kay beach, off the coast of Sihanoukville. The beach is flat and very quiet. It is attrachs few visitors, because it is undeveloped. Those tourists who do visit the island travel in groups and bring their own food.

This little beach is home to the rather oddly named Treasure Island Seafood Restaurant, and although not on an island, you can see islands and it’s certainly a treasure of a spot, with seafood that many an expat will tell you is the best in Sihanoukville.

The sandy, well-shaded beach here is small and secluded, with a few salas that belong to the solitary restaurant overlooking the water. Stuff yourself on seafood then go for a swim afterwards. Just watch out for the monkeys as they won’t miss an opportunity to fiddle through your possessions while you’re 20 metres offshore.

The beach is named after Koh Pos (Snake Island) lying just offshore. Koh Pos is best visited from Hawaii beach, just around the headland from Koh Pos, where there are no shortage of boatmen who’ll whisk you over. A trip out is pleasant enough, but the beaches are nothing too magnificent. 

The bridge to Koh Pos is still under construction and is far behind schedule. This may have something to do with one member of the Russian management team being jailed for having sex with Cambodian children. Whether or not the $300 million resort planned for the island will actually be built remains to be seen, but the most recent reports say that the bridge will be finished in June 2011 and the first phase of villas will be completed by the end of 2011.