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Dear beloved visitor I offer five places for sightseeing tours in Phnom Penh city such as 1. King Palace and silver pagoda 2. Wat Phnom historical tourism site 3. Central or Russian Market 4. Toul Sleng Genocide Museum 5. Churng Ek of killing field Offering cool SUV car with English speaking driver and flexible. The […]

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Rich Cultural Heritage:Cambodia boasts a cultural tapestry woven with ancient traditions and a history that dates back to the mighty Khmer Empire. Visitors can explore awe-inspiring temples like Angkor Wat, witness traditional dance performances, and immerse themselves in the vibrant local arts and crafts. Angkor Wat and Archaeological Marvels:A trip to Cambodia offers the chance […]

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Nestled in the heart of Cambodia lies a UNESCO World Heritage Site that beckons travelers from around the globe—the breathtaking Angkor Wat. This ancient temple complex, renowned for its intricate architecture and rich history, stands as a testament to the Khmer Empire’s grandeur. A visit to Angkor Wat is not just a tour; it’s a […]

Angkor Wat Temple

My name is Sarath. I’m providing taxi services to all cities in the Kingdom. I and team. We’re able to create your tour itineraries and make the trip in religion with the friendly and flexible driver or guide. Please let us be your guide in Cambodia.

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